Thursday, April 19, 2007

Multiple Income Streams with the Global Abundance Program

Platinum and Titanium Global Abundance Program members get access to the proprietary Forex Trading System and training on how to use it. This is a fantastic opportunity to get involved with a billion dollar industry and create another income stream.

So what’s my plan for this..? I’ll make a few sales at Silver, use the cash to upgrade to Platinum, get access to the Forex Trading System, make a few more sales and use the cash from those to start forex trading using the system.

Then I will have an additional income stream that is completely separate from my Internet income stream.

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Anonymous said...

In my view, abundance has two very important causative elements:

i) The practical things you do (such as Trading)

ii) Your mindset and ability to manifest positive outcomes.

The recent movie "The Secret" talks a lot about the second one, but concentrates almost exclusively on the so-called "Law of Attraction".

In my opinion, there's more to it than that, and it was good to read a recent interview with Bob proctor in which he explained this very point.

I'd be interested to know what other people think of what he has to say.

The interview is at:


Abledragon said...

Thanks Chris! I do agree with your view that it's more than just the Law of Attraction. I think you need to be constantly searching for new and different things to do to achieve your goals - and you need to actually DO them! I'll check out that interview - thanks for the heads up!