Thursday, June 21, 2007

The Arrogance of Google

Thanks to the arrogance of Google I’ve closed this blog down. Why..?

Because, based on my IP address, they suddenly converted my blog into Chinese characters. (I live in Hong Kong). Not the posts I’ve written, but all the characters in the ‘back office’ of the blog – where I write and maintain it. That means that managing this blog became impossible, since I don’t read Chinese.

I eventually managed to find a link to contact Google (Google owns Blogger) and sent them a contact request asking them why they’ve converted my blog into Chinese and asking them to change it back to English. I never got a response.

So I’ve exported this blog to Wordpress.

Please Click Here to see the latest updates on the Global Abundance Program, and please change your bookmarks if you bookmarked this blog.

Thanks – and apologies for the inconvenience!

My New Global Abundance Program Blog

Sunday, June 10, 2007

MAP Your Way Out of Debt!

The Global Abundance Program just announced an overhaul for the Mortgage Reduction Program.

The program is being renamed as the Mortgage Accelerator Plan (MAP) and features individual consulting, counseling and planning for each client to ensure that their costs of buying their home are dramatically reduced.

To quote G.A.P., the commitment is to provide “A quick rollout of advanced leverage, mortgage planning and mortgage management techniques, which will reliably empower and enable you to dramatically reduce your overall lifetime cost of borrowing and [thereby] build wealth, while limiting risk and not spending more "out of pocket" than you would without the plan!”

The new Mortgage Accelerator Plan will be available from the beginning of July, but if you’re interested please let me know now and I’ll make sure your interest is registered. Once the plan is live a consultant will contact you to set up the first session to review your mortgage situation and start the planning and overhaul process. Email me if you would be interested in MAP once it goes live in early July. (Please note: this is currently only available to US residents, but watch this space as G.A.P. will be extending it to other markets in the future)

This is a superb opportunity to dramatically reduce your mortgage term, saving up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in interest cost without increasing your current monthly costs.

For more information on the Global Abundance Program Click Here!

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Bragging rights...

Just thought I'd show you this update that was given to GAP members yesterday. For me there are a few messages here:
  1. GAP is being extremely successful
  2. Despite this early success, the program is being continually improved and developed
  3. For me, the commitment of the GAP owners to delivering the best possible home business opportunity, which was one of the things that attracted me initially, is being fulfilled.
Here's the excerpt:

". . . We are thankful that in just over 4 months, we have seen the success we have seen. Did you know there are other businesses that are at our price-points, in particular the Platinum and Titanium package prices, that it took YEARS to have the numbers of members that we have after just over 4 months? We are very grateful for your work and confidence.

Often we get compared to other businesses that have been around for YEARS, but that is like comparing a babe in diapers to a teenager in terms of athletic ability. We are very thankful for the success of our systems up to now, but we know there is a lot of growth and development yet to come.

But, again, we are not satisfied. We are on the hunt for the GOLDEN KEY to make G.A.P. outlandishly prosperous for all members. We think we are getting closer than ever. . ."

For more information on GAP. . . Click Here!