Friday, January 30, 2009

Success Copilot Review - WebWire

Success Copilot Review - WebWire
Success Copilot is a brand new company that just launched at the end of January, and they have to main 2 goals. One to help people make money online, and second to revolutionize

Google scraps print ads programme - MSN UK News
Google is giving up on selling print ads for the ailing US newspaper industry, ending a two-year-old attempt to extend its dominance of internet marketing into another medium. The

Wednesday's Daily Rap -
London rapper Lady Sovereign who caught the eye of Jay Z when he was over at Def Jam is facing visa issues which are preventing her from playing shows in the US. Dates in New York

HubSpot Announces Business Blogging Platform for its Internet - Yahoo Finance
HubSpot has announced the Business Blogging Platform blogging software for its Internet marketing system to provide users with an easy-to-use tool to add a business blog to their

Right to reply: SEO's glory days are not over - NetImperative
In a recent article on Netimperative, Mike Grehan examined if the traditional role of SEO was becoming outdated, given the rise of social media. In this article, Eliza Dashwood

Facebook draws twice as many visitors as MySpace - Daily Telegraph
In December, over 220 million people visited Facebook worldwide compared to around 125 million for MySpace, according to data from internet marketing research company comScore

eBay marketer leaves in UK office shift to Switzerland - Brand Republic
LONDON - Minal Shah, eBay's head of internet marketing in the UK, has left the business following the consolidation of the internet auction site's marketing teams into its Zurich

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