Thursday, March 29, 2007

What is GAP...?

So just what is this GAP?

GAP is a new Internet based direct sales business opportunity that turns many of the traditional characteristics of these programs on their head! Here are some of the key points:

  • New 1-Up commission plan means you get paid from your first sale onwards. (Your first two sales are split with your sponsor)
  • Except for the lowest entry level, an initial promotional program is provided for all new members free of charge to get you off to a flying start. This includes emails, banner ads, solo ads and a number of other channels.
  • 7 different Marketing Packs are available to all members. These are paid-for by subscription and run each month, and they represent exceptional value.
  • An additional Corporate Managed Marketing program is available but you need to be quick on the draw, as this one has limited places. It runs each month and you have the opportunity to buy into the program each time it runs.
  • The extensive back office system available to all members makes managing your business very straightforward. Tracking leads and call backs, utilizing the pre-written emails, accessing marketing tools, generating mail shots, tracking your results, etc, can all be managed from here.
  • The selling is done by means of a replicated website and a team of business advisors, who talk to your prospects and close the sale on your behalf. (i.e. – you don’t need to do any selling!)
  • Your own personal Landing Page is built for you, through which your prospects enter the main site. This is where you capture and build up your customer list.
  • There is a range of excellent GAP proprietary products focusing on Wealth Creation and Personal Development, which you can sell through your site. (The Mortgage Reduction Program is a truly exceptional product, especially given the current problems of mortgage defaults and arrears)
  • You can market your own products (or affiliate products) through the system.

GAP represents a remarkable opportunity for anyone looking to create multiple extra income streams. The personal contact and support that I've experience through GAP is totally unlike any other Internet based business opportunity that I've checked out.

Oh – I almost forgot… GAP stands for Global Abundance Program.

See how you can set up your own GAP business

If you want to see a bit more blurb on GAP, check this out:

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