Sunday, March 22, 2009

Is your Website heavy?

Looking for a quick and easy way to get noticed by popular search engines like Google(TM) and Yahoo!(R)?

It's easy... just put your Website on this special diet... Read more...

I can only assume you opened this because this email's subject line caught your attention.

Your prospects, short on time, decide to open or delete your emails based on its subject line.

Are your emails worthy of their attention?

Bob Bly reveals his "4 U's" copywriting formula to help you get your emails open at... Read more...

Most sports teams use just 3 ways to sell tickets:

1) Cold calling
2) Group ticket sales
3) Box office

But sports marketing guru Jon Spoelstra isn't your typical sports marketer... instead, he reaches into his direct response "arsenal" of ideas to invent new ways to sell tickets.

Follow me as I reveal Jon's best, tested ideas on how to sell tickets to any event at... Read more...

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